Tourism in Lebanon

Lebanon is a beautiful country and a fascinating holiday destination. Lebanon has it all (and more than it wished for): culture and tradition, mountains and ski resorts, sea and sun, exciting nightlife, great healthy food, high fashion and gorgeous women, more manicure and pedicure salons than in Hollywood, fast cars and completely nuts driving, political instability, war and pollution. Did I mention the great food ?

As Lebanon is a small and compact country, driving is a practical way to explore different regions and sites. I would avoid the car in Beirut itself though as you will pass more time in the traffic jams than you would actually be driving. Option number 2 in Beirut is walking , but that’s kind of suicide as sidewalks are non-existant in most areas. Lebanese people don’t walk and they will think you’re mad if you do walk. Crossing a road can be very exciting (and fatal?!). Traffic lights are a rarity.