Tourism in Lebanon

Tyre (“Sur” in Arabic is a Phoenician word that means the Rock) at about 70 kilometers from Beirut, the most in the south of the Phoenician cities. Tyre currently looks like a peninsula, on a rocky hill, connected to the Lebanese coast sandy strip.
It’s a must for visitors to have tour in the old markets of the city, where a Khan from the Ottoman period rises, and an old house and beautiful from the same era which is owned by one of Tyre ancient families from Al-mamlouk family, in addition to the mosque domes with wonderful architecture.
And close to the market, teeming with life, the old fishing port, the port has replaced the northern Phoenician that was known because of its location by “Sidon port.
And the road sidewalk leads to the Christian neighborhood that still retains its narrow streets and its buildings with traditional style. You may be surprised by the presence of the Crusader era control tower in an orchard, with the another tower of the same age in the vicinity of the lighthouse, attest to the importance of Tyre in those days.
Archaeological places open their doors to visitors 7 days/week, and the city boasts a number of restaurants that offer delicious seafood, as well as restaurants that serve local dishes and cafes along the harbor berths.